Can Those Who Are Christians Practice Mindfulness?

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This is probably one of the more common questions asked about mindfulness and the answer would be is yes, yes, yes. Here we’re looking at a couple of the main concerns there seems to be coming from Christians when it comes to practicing mindfulness.

First Concern

There are some that feel mindfulness would go against their theology since it seems to be a Buddhist practice.

Even though it is true that mindfulness does have roots linked to Buddhism, most mindfulness that is taught in both academic and business settings is totally Westernized. It is totally free from any religious or spiritual connotations and only focuses on being totally aware of yourself and your surroundings. Each person can take it to whatever level that they want that helps them to relate and understand more. When it comes right down to it, the core of mindfulness to reduce your stress.

Stress is Damaging

Stress is something that can damage your emotional, physical bodies, and your mental health. Having employees for example who are stressed out can cost businesses billions of dollars every year because of so much time missed from work due to stress related illnesses. It can also have a huge negative impact on your children as well because your stress can influence them directly and indirectly. One of the best things about using mindfulness to lower your levels of stress is that it’s very cheap, easy to do and is quite powerful when you are dealing with challenging or overwhelming issues in your life.

Mindfulness and Children

When it comes to teaching mindfulness in schools to children so they can learn how to handle their own stress, it is geared toward learning about their brain anatomy and then learning to understand the science that is behind how their brains work. They are taught about the different parts of their brains and how these parts interact together. Children also learn how their brain activity can influence their choices, emotions and more. They learn how they can be bigger than their brains.

Second Concern

Some Christians falsely believe that mindfulness is all about totally clearing the mind and that it can open a gateway to possible evil forces, actions, or thoughts.

Truth be known, mindfulness is not about clearing the mind at all. In fact, you could say it is just the total opposite of that.

When it comes to practicing mindfulness and regardless of what level of exercise you might be doing such as breathing, hearing, walking and so on, it is really all about bringing more awareness to your thought, not getting rid of your thoughts. What actually gets cleared is just the overwhelming majority of your thoughts. See, mindfulness tries to teach you how to quiet down that incessant chatter that tries to ravage your brain. With mindfulness, you are trying to bring calm and clarity to your thoughts. What it truly does is simplify things, it does totally clear your mind.

Helps With Better Decisions

Mindfulness helps your brain to see much clearer and it helps you make better decisions, better choices and shows you what your priorities are. It also lets you follow your heart with more compassion, empathy, and openness while it lets our analytical minds have the chance of taking the back seat for a while.

Christianity and Mindfulness Can Blend Well

One of the most important things you’ll discover about mindfulness is that it truly Christians and prayerembodies the Christians belief in love and acceptance.

Through mindfulness, you can easily bask in your personal faith, beliefs, and wishes. It helps to open the doors to acceptance. Mindfulness helps you to see past the boundaries you find in religions, age, sex, and race. Mindfulness lets you see your humanity and the big picture. Practicing mindfulness helps you see what connects us together past our titles, our appearance and even past our dogmas and personal philosophies.

It is something that helps you learn to open your heart and care more easily for yourself and for others around you. It teaches you how to even maintain your own disagreements but in a way where you simply agree to disagree which brings both peace and balance.

Lets Christians Blossom in Their Own Faith

Mindfulness is something can be fluid and organic and it flows and moves with each individual who practices it. It’s also very flexible. For example, if you find it difficult to concentrate on your breath, there is nothing in mindfulness that says you can hold onto something from scripture in your mind instead. Just take a favorite piece of scripture and focus on that when you’re doing mindful breathing. By focusing on a piece of scripture you are truly bringing your mind to a singular and more focused kind of awareness.

Helps You Connect to Your Body and See It as a Temple Honoring God

Most Christians believe that our bodies are wonderful and amazing gifts from God. Mindfulness teaches you to be more aware of our bodies and how to take care of them. It teaches us to listen to what needs attention and gives us the space we need to connect with them and learn to see and hear what our bodies are trying to tell us. This is something that lets Christians see with more clarity how to nurture the body that protects the soul. It gives one more strength to actually embody their own faith and grow closer to God in doing so.


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