Mindful Navigation Through the “Holiday Blues”

mindful navigation helps bluesWhen it comes to the holidays, this is the time of year to experience great joy, togetherness, and sharing with others. However, along with the holiday joy, this time of year can also set up ideal conditions for darker moods to surface. This time of year brings stress for a lot of people combined with their existing obligations which can cause darker moods. Often there are sad things that have happened in the past that bring on “holiday blues” that can make it difficult for some people. This is why mindful navigation through this season can really help.

Tougher On Those Dealing With Emotional Swings

Even though the holidays can be stressful for everyone, it can be even more so on those who happen to suffer depression or emotional swings. For them, the holidays can just be overwhelming. So, how can a person who finds holidays difficult get through it all? Learning to use mindful navigation is one way that can help people not only get through the holidays but maybe be able to find peace and joy in the process.

Don’t Boycott the Holidays

If you are one of those people who choose to turn away from the holidays and boycott them instead of experiencing them, you don’t really have to do that. Through mindfulness, you can use mindful navigation to help you safely get through the holidays and even start to understand why everyone else around you seems to be enjoying themselves even if they are being subjected to the stress of it all.

When you try to use mindful navigation to get through the holidays it’s important that you stop and try to learn why you are withdrawing from this wonderful time of year. Ask yourself if it’s because of resentment, underlying beliefs, negative attitude against things of tradition, negative feelings about certain people or just society itself and how it responds to this time of year? If you have any of these feelings, this is okay, it does not mean that you are wrong or bad. However, these feelings are something that you can use mindful navigation to work with these feelings.

Another thing you may want to consider is if you have feelings of superiority or even pride when it comes to your ideas about holidays and leads you to choose to withdraw from all the fun. If so, you should try to use mindfulness to help you show more compassion to others who have positive attitudes towards this time of year.

When the “Holiday Blues” Start

As soon as you start to feel the “holiday blues” or other difficulties, your mind will start to try and help you understand the origin of these downer feelings. When your mind does this, it starts collecting information from your past and present and then it tries to weave stories to explain or even support the way you are feeling. Through mindful navigation, you can allow yourself to recognize these feelings as what they are, just feelings that you can allow to come and then go. It’s important to be able to be present in the moment so that you can more easily see the true joy that the holidays bring for those around you and even yourself if you don’t allow your mind to add fuel to the fire.

Don’t Deny the “Holiday Blues”

Some people will try and deny or even avoid their feelings of the blues and this can be worse than letting them control them. It’s never a good thing to avoid something, instead it’s better to face them through mindful navigation and accept these feelings that can make things worse. When you try to avoid these feelings it can often lead to the over use of alcohol or even using addictive drugs to try and avoid the growing feelings of negativity. By using mindfulness you can help your mind to calm down and just let the feelings pass naturally.

Use Mindfulness to Be Present

The best thing you can do is to use mindful navigation to help you to become more aware mindful navigation through holidaysto the present during the holidays and at the same time acknowledge the frustrations of any negative feelings you might be experiencing. The key here is to acknowledge these difficult moments but don’t energize these feelings with trying to create a storyline or explanation for these feelings.

With mindful navigation, you can acknowledge the feelings without explaining them. Just try to acknowledge the sadness, impatience, pain, judgment, frustration, worry, and then let it pass.

It’s important that you calmly examine yourself and see if perhaps you have some unrealistic expectation of yourself or others when it comes to the holidays. If you discover that this is an issue then it’s important to try and drop all of them and simply accept yourself, friends, and family for who you all are. Realize that as long as the people in your life aren’t trying to intentionally hurt you or others, let them be who they are. If you do this, you may be surprised how much more peace you’ll experience during this time of year. Mindfulness encourages you to start accepting things for what they are and stop expecting.

Recognize the Triggers

When you use mindful navigation you need to learn what the obvious triggers are that set off negative emotions and feelings. Is it the thought of being alone? Is it the loss of someone you loved? These triggers can make this time of year very difficult and extremely challenging. This is why it’s very important to make sure that you have people around you that care and are supportive. This can be friends, family, or both. It’s also very important that you are extremely patient with yourself and take care of yourself with love and compassion. Accept the truth that you deserve it. Never be afraid to reach out to the people who care.

Stop Judging

Once you learn to accept and acknowledge the present circumstance you’re in you can use mindful navigation to experience it all without judging what’s going on. Mindfulness allows you to explore your mental, emotional and sensations that are related to your “holiday blues” and give it it’s own space and time without feeling bad or wrong about it, the season will seem brighter.

This can be quite challenging but if you just keep practicing mindfulness you’ll be able to open up your mind to the present moment and be able to more freely enjoy it, yourself and others during this time of year.

If you practice mindfulness on a regular basis you will eventually become fully aware of your present experiences in each moment of your life. Once you become accustomed to paying attention mindfully, you’ll realize the deep sense of joy, wisdom, acceptance, and peace that it can bring to your life, even during the busy holiday season.



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