Why Mindfulness Should Be a Part of Your New Years Resolutions List

mindfulness resolutionsEveryone does it, at the beginning of each new year we gather together a list of resolutions that we want to try and accomplish for the year. These are often personal promises to ourselves that are quite often difficult to keep because often we are too tough on ourselves. This is where mindfulness can come into play.

Resolutions Usually Not Ordinary Goals

Most resolutions people make are not just ordinary goals. In fact, many of them tend to be a lot more powerful and have a greater effect on our psyche. Often they represent not just a good start to a new year but they also can be considered to be new beginnings, another opportunity to achieve things we failed to achieve previously, as well as a new chapter in our lives. Because of this, mindfulness should be at the top of your resolutions list.

Center of Each Goal is Desire for Happiness

If you have ever taken a close look at your list of resolutions you may realize that they pretty much look the same as every year. We all are looking for a way to be healthier, improve our way of life, find more happiness and so on. We wonder if we lose a few pounds if that will make us happier, give up bad habits and so on. Science now has proven that the benefits one can receive from mindfulness can help a person to improve their overall well-being that includes better physical and mental health as well as less stress and even better sleep at night. All of which leads to a higher level of feeling happy.

Life is Totally Unpredictable

The one thing we all need to realize that when we look at our resolutions is that life is totally unpredictable and that causes stress, which is perfectly normal. Often the unexpected things in life can throw us off track and often that’s what causes us to give up on our resolutions. We too often allow the stress to control us and it triggers our behavior to go on automatic and we will return to our habits that have become routine because they make us feel safe. This, in turn, will cause us to very often give up on our resolutions and this is where mindfulness can help us change that reaction to stress and choose ways to change that response to stress and live a happier life.

Over 50% of People Give Up on Resolutions Within Six Months

It’s human nature for us to prefer completeness, outcomes that are whole. For example, an entire hour seems to feel better than say, 57 minutes. A whole week seems to sound better than five days. This is because we too often try to strive for perfection. However, this is one major way that we set ourselves up to failure, especially when it comes to our resolutions. The simple truth is this, life simply happens and you have no control over that fact. No matter how hard you try, there are always going to be reasons that are far beyond your control. These things can and will get in your way no matter how hard you try to change this truth. Mindfulness teaches us that this does not mean we’re failures because this is simply normal and makes all of us normal as well.

Research has shown that a minimum of 54% of those who set down resolutions fail to stay committed to them within six months. However, it is also been proven that it takes almost four months for us to change any behavior we’ve been performing for years. Through mindfulness, we can learn to accept this as a fact and just let it go. Let it go, accept this as truth and just move forward.

Patience Really is a Virtue

As the old saying goes “Patience is a virtue”, mindfulness reminds us of this truth. Society today, however, tends to forget this truth and we want what we want right when we want it. Life simply does not work this way though. Today there tends to be more pressure with the fast speed of technology and competition at a high today we too often find ourselves totally consumed by all the racing around from one thing to another thing. Too often we do so without out even taking time to think about what we’re doing. When we practice mindfulness we will learn how to slow down both our mind and body so we can experience all the things we do and at a pace where we can actually enjoy everything.

Being Positive Can Get Results

Most of our resolutions generally are driven by the desire to try to stop doing something. Another thing that we tend to do is to set these resolutions often at the end of several weeks of our holiday indulgences. By doing this, it alters the mindset and perspective we have on the things that are making us want more control and structure in our lives. Because of this, we will also phrase things in a negative way and then put to much focus on these behaviors that seem to be negative to us. This causes us to do nothing but focus on negativity. Negativity does not get results. However, mindfulness can change that because it helps us to put our focus on the positive things in life and what we can gain by achieving our goals.

Mindfulness helps us to ask ourselves important questions such as:

  • What is is it that you really want to do?
  • How do you want to behave?
  • How would you like to feel and think?
  • What are the things you want to achieve going to give you in your life?

Mindfulness is a way that can help us connect to the bigger overall picture and helps us develop a greater sense of ourselves. It can help us to find pleasure in the things in life that are simple and can help us make resolutions that are based on what we can really gain from them and not what we hope to lose.

Mindfulness Can Help Us Achieve Other Resolutions

A lot of our resolutions or goals really aren’t that hard to achieve, however, we have to start from the right place to achieve them. If we want to achieve something, we need to be in a resolutions and goalsstate of awareness. It is through awareness that we can manage our behaviors, feelings, and thoughts. Mindfulness can help us become more aware and move us closer to our personal goals.

There is a multitude of benefits that we can gain by putting mindfulness at the top of our list of resolutions. Not only can it help us to achieve those resolutions but it can help us be healthier in both mind and body, experience much-improved sleep and much lower stress levels. Mindfulness can also help to improve our communication skills and improve our relationships.

The best thing about all of this is that it can all be accomplished from the comfort of home. Not only can we practice mindfulness from home but it’s also something that costs absolutely nothing and needs nothing special to practice it. Mindfulness can be practiced while we’re walking, doing our gardening, cleaning around the house, cooking, or any other simple activity we might be doing. Putting it simply, it’s all about us being present in all that we do so that it becomes a habit and our way of being. Once we accomplish that, happiness will surround us.


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