Tips for Making Mindful Decisions

mindful decisions for companyIf you are a business owner you already know how difficult it can be to make important decisions about your company and its employees. However, it can be easier if you learn how to make mindful decisions. There are some unique characteristics that make up a mindful leader of a business that helps them rise to the top of the business world. In this post, you’ll find some easy tips that are meant to guide you in making mindful decisions.


When you are trying to make any kind of decision, especially mindful decisions, it’s very important to take some time out, take a deep breath and then tune into what’s going on around. Try to ask yourself honestly if your decision will align with your intentions and the values of your company. Will your decision meet your company mission, objectives, and goals? Listen to yourself. Listen to your instincts or as some people call it, listen to your gut.

Try not to focus on your choices when you’re trying to listen to others. Just stop and listen to them and respond, but never react to them. It’s sad, but most people who say they are listening do so without intending on trying to understand. In fact, most people only listen with the intentions of replying with their own reactions. This is not mindful listening and therefore you’d be unable to make mindful decisions.

Gain Some Confidence

When you are trying to make mindful decisions it’s important than when you’re listening that you ask yourself if you really believe that the situation that might be in question is going to improve with the decision you make. You also need to ask yourself if you really will believe in the decision that you make. You also need to make sure that you actually have confidence in your decision. If you don’t you should do something about it.

Commit to Transformation

If you realize that you need to do something about your decision making then this means that you are truly committed to trying to make a change. This is key to making mindful decision. However, you need to realize that when you have a conversation about making a change can be quite a challenge. With challenges you need to change your own personal mindset along with those, you are talking to.

You can help people to change their mindsets by conducting brainstorming sessions and try to encourage them to be creative. This works best if these sessions are held in a place that’s neutral, someplace outside of the company like a retreat. Often this will produce the creative results that you’re looking for.

Try to Detect When Things are Off-Balance

Do you find that you’re always trying to juggle things and feel like you are being mindful decisionsoverloaded with information? Often this leads to things being off balance and makes it difficult to reach your goals. Through mindfulness, you begin to realize that having true balance simply isn’t a state that’s natural. You need to learn to be more comfortable being a little off balance. When you realize this as a truth, it will be easier to make mindful decisions.

If you are totally balanced then there is not going to be any type of resistance and that means there will be no give and take. Any relationship, including business relationships, need to be a give and take situation. Just learn to recognize when and where you’re off balance in order to improve you and your mindful decisions.

Sleep On It Before Making a Decision

If you want to make successful mindful decisions it’s important that you take some time out and relax before making a big decision. Making decisions that could affect others can be quite stressful and you need to be rested and clear-headed before making major decisions. It’s important to get enough rest before you make any kind of mindful decision. If you’re well rested you’ll be able to make clearer and more conscious decisions. Being well rested also helps you to be totally focused and more alert.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

When it comes to making mindful decisions, there’s no shame in asking for help from people on your team. These people are on your team for a reason. They need to be on your side if you want to be able to successfully drive the message you have forward. Those on your team can focus on certain needs to help promote your mindful decisions.

If you don’t feel as if those on your team can help you with what you need there is no shame in going with outside consultants whose jobs are to solely focus on your specific needs. That’s what consultants are for. You’ll find it difficult to make mindful decisions if you always burden internal resources they too could start to feel overwhelmed, fatigued, unbalanced, and overworked.

In Conclusion

Before you start making your mindful decisions realize you’re not much different than say leaders you may have admiration for. They have gone through exactly the same things that you have. So, take some deep breaths, stay mindful, and go with your gut. Yes, it will take practice to not make those knee-jerk reactions and be more present in the moment. However, no one ever said that it was easy for successful leaders in the business world to get where they are either.



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