Tips for Mindful Travel

stress free mindful travelTraveling to someplace other than home is often supposed to be a meaningful exercise in getting away from the chaos that might be found in your daily living. However, sometimes the thought of traveling and getting ready for it and all else that comes with travel can be quite stressful. That’s why it’s important to try and incorporate mindful travel in your experience to add more balance and peace to your traveling.

Slow Down When Traveling

The whole idea of a vacation is to find a way to have fun and come back refreshed, this is where mindful travel can come into play. Mindful travel can help you use your travel as an opportunity to slow down your life. This means really slow it down. The idea behind mindful travel is to allow yourself to take in all the moments, savor all the experiences, and learn to embrace all of your new surroundings. Traveling should be a release for your stress and should give you a boost mentally. Here are a few ways in which you can use mindful travel to enhance your vacation or even business trip.

Always Have an Open Mind

The idea behind mindful travel is to try and free yourself from any pre-existing ideas you might have about the place or places you might be traveling to. Once you get to where you’re going don’t let yourself be turned off by food that might look gross to you, too much traffic, or sounds that might be different and even overwhelming. What you need to do is keep your mind open to all of the new sights, ideas, and beliefs. Try to judge all of these differences less and try to embrace them instead of criticizing things that are not familiar to you.

By implementing mindful travel a lot of people who come back from traveling end up having a new perspective on things. Often they even end up with a new perspective on life and the world that they live in. If you have an open mind when you travel anything is possible on your journey.

Don’t Multi-Task When Traveling

When traveling stop the multi-tasking, you do enough of that in your daily life. Instead, try to do just one thing at a time. Too often we are compelled to try and see and do as much as we can when on vacation. This means that too often we overload our itineraries. Overloaded itineraries will cause you to try and tour an entire city by hopping on buses to catch another one, rushing around to check out different museums and shops just so that you can get in as much as possible. When you do this what you are looking at isn’t going to get your full attention and you will lose out on a greater experience and you could miss out.

Embrace All That You See

Traveling is a great way to experience many new things, so it’s important to try these new experiences. This means embracing the food, language, customs, clothing, music, dancing, and so on. Try to explore as much of the local flair so you can come back with a wide range of inspiring experiences. Mindful travel is a wonderful way you can expose yourself to all sorts of different experiences that could stay with you for all your life. Most people only have these types of experiences once in a lifetime so it’s important to embrace them when you have the chance.

Pay Attention to the Details

Mindfulness is an activity that helps you to become fully aware of what you doing at the moment. Mindful travel helps you to pay attention to the details the moment you’re experiencing them. As you travel make sure to take time out and stop, take a really deep breath and become completely aware of all that’s going on, what you’re feeling as well as what you are thinking. When you are experiencing new adventures in your life they will have a longer impression on you if you take time to stop and look, feel, and listen to it all.

Put Your Focus on the Locals

No doubt it’s tempting to just go to all the tourist hot spots when you travel, but you’ll learn a lot more if you find out where the locals go to eat, socialize and have fun. The main part of getting to know the place you’re visiting is to actually see it through the eyes of the people who actually live there.

Take Time Out for Reflection

Mindful travel encourages you to take some personal time to reflect on how you are feeling about your travels. Too often when we’re traveling we forget to just slow down and take note of how all of it is making us feel. So, take time out each day while traveling to reflect on all you’ve experienced and even consider writing down these thoughts in a travel journal. A travel journal is a great way to look back at all your experiences after you get home and anytime in the future.

Make Sure to Remain Positive

No matter how well planned out your vacation might be, traveling can also be interrupted with a variety of irritations like big crowds, long lines, overly hectic schedules, delays in travel, and of course barriers in language. If you start to feel irritated when something negative pops up, take a nice deep breath, think about what has gone well on your trip. If traveling with family take this time to spend some quality time with and perhaps talk about your experiences together up to that point. Take the time to just unwind and relax. Do things that will take your mind off the inconvenience and before you know it, you’ll be feeling far more positive.

People Watching

If you find yourself in a situation where there’s a long line or your travel has been delayed, take this time to people watch. Even if you’re in a situation where you might be dining in an outdoor cafe, take time to watch the people as they walk by you. Pay attention to what they are wearing. Are they holding hands or engaged with each other as they are walking or do they seem to be in a rush to get somewhere? You can actually learn quite a bit about the place you’re visiting by watching the people who live there.

Put Away Your Camera

Sure, it’s wonderful to have a camera to record all of your travels, however, with mindful mindful travel and photostravel, it’s always a good idea to put down your camera sometimes. The reason is so you can free yourself to be able to experience the moment right then and there. This way you are seeing the experience through your own eyes. So, always try to take a break from taking photos and just enjoy what you’re doing.

Realize You Can’t-Do Everything

Before you even start your journey admit to yourself that you will not be able to see everything. Instead of going on your trip with the attitude that you must see it all, mindful travel suggests that you go with the attitude you might return one day. When you do this then you’ll take more time out to actually enjoy what you are seeing and you won’t leave feeling like you let yourself down by not seeing it all.



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