Ways to Declutter Your Mind and Body by Being Mindful

be mindful to organizeIf you’re looking for a way to be able to clear your mind and body you can easily do it by being mindful and clearing some physical spaces in your environment in order to help you declutter your mental spaces at the same time. Follow the tips provided here for being mindful that will help you become more organized and feel more at peace.

Being Neat and Organized

Think about it, don’t you feel a lot better when the environment around you is organized and neat? Doesn’t it make you feel more at peace when you come home after a long day of working and you know that you have a nice neat place waiting for you to go to? Something like your own personal refuge that can help soothe you.

Being mindful can help you be neater and organized because a nice neat space can seem to beckon you to use your own time in the way you want to. A good way to wake up each morning, for example, is to practice being mindful, then set your intention for the day and then finish up anything you may not have finished the day before. Being organized in this fashion can go a long way to helping declutter both your mind and body.

Messiness Impacts the Body and Mind

If you wake up to a space that is messy every day it’s going to fog the brain and can bring on feelings of negativity that can be overwhelming and impact both how your body and mind feels. Often people surround themselves with clutter in order to protect themselves from the outside world. But this does nothing to bring true calm and peace into your life.

Being mindful can help you become more organized and once the clutter in your environment begins to lessen, you’ll begin to feel that your mind is clearing as well. By decluttering your environment can lead to creating a space in your mind at the same time.

Need to Declutter From the Inside

One thing to remember when being mindful is to understand that in order to declutter mindful orderyour environment you actually will need to declutter from the inside out first. This means that you actually need to do some “spring cleaning” of your brain so that there’s room for it to grow. The brain is not something that is static, research has shown that the brain is a neuroplastic entity of its own and it needs a space that’s free from chaos and clutter.

If you want to be able to organize the world around you, here are a few tips on how you can be mindful and clear your mind and body so that you can better organize the space in which you live.

Start With the Body

Stretch Your Mind, Stretch Your Body – When you are mindful, you can calm down by decluttering your mind and make space by allowing yourself to flow with your breath and body by going through some yoga poses. There are all types of yoga poses that you can use that will help calm you and stretch your body to help both your mind and body. You can find simple yoga poses online that you can do any time of the day. Morning and evening, however, can often be the best times to practice your favorite yoga poses.

Add Some Music


Sing or Listen to Your Favorite Music – Another mindful thing that you can do, especially when you might be feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts, stop and put on your favorite song and listen to it. Better yet, join in and sing with it. Your mind can’t sing a happy song while being negative at the same time. Try it, sing a song that makes you feel really good and see how difficult it is for your mind to remain negative. Listening to positive music when you are trying to organize your space will have an immense impact on how quickly and efficiently you’ll get your organizing done as well.

Add Movement


Make Sure to Get Up and Move Around – No matter where you are, at home or at work, if you find that you are sitting a lot, you might discover how much easier it is for negative thoughts to clutter your mind. Take a mindful approach and get up and move around a bit. If at work, take your break outside and do a mindful walk around the building. If you are at home, put on some music that you can do a few dance moves. This will get those endorphins pumping through your body.

Don’t Forget the Good Things


Remember Good Times in Your Life – This doesn’t mean that you should live in the past. Living in the past could cause you to focus on regrets in your life. Instead, do this the mindful way. This means you should stop and occasionally remember the good times you’ve had in your life. Take time to close your eyes for a few moments. Then recall the first sporting event you ever went to, remember all the things that happened. Or perhaps it’s when you received your first bouquet of roses, your first date, your first child and so on. Whatever it is that brought joy and laughter to your life. Go back to a time and a place that makes you smile just thinking about it.

Include a Thank You


Always Practice Gratitude – One of the best ways to help get rid of your mental clutter is to always remember to be grateful.  Always remember to say thank you. If you believe in a higher being, then thank them for all the blessings in your life. If not, then thank those you feel who have brought positive things to your life. Or just say thank you, in general, it all will be positive.  To show your gratitude for everything in your life. Show gratitude for everything you are. This will have a positive impact on you. When you express gratitude it has an extremely positive psychological effect on your overall mental health. Believe it or not, showing gratitude can even reduce the stress in your life.

Final Comment

Even though it’s important to note that you never truly can have total control over your life. But by being mindful and choosing to declutter your mind and environment can help you to have a little control. Especially over the uncertainties of life. By decluttering your mind and living space you can actually change the map of your life. Which can bring peace and harmony to your life.



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