Five Varieties of Music Good for Mindful Meditation

mindful meditation musicMindful meditation is something that seems to be growing in popularity with people found in all walks of life. It’s something many people are discovering to have a lot of different benefits. The benefits one can reap from mindful meditation has no limitations and it doesn’t matter whether you are a person of faith or not. It tends to be a practice that can help anyone and can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Helps With Anxiety and Depression

Many therapists have discovered that mindful meditation is something that can benefit their patients who are suffering from anxiety or depression. This is why so many therapists today are recommending this type of meditation to a lot of their patients struggling with depression and/or anxiety.

Helps Business Leaders and Others

There are many different business leaders in society today that are learning how to mindfully meditate in order to improve their focus and their mental discipline to help them with their on the job experiences.

Not only are business leaders jumping on the bandwagon, but there are many people who have discovered that they can include mindful meditation in their spiritual practices. Many find that by practicing meditation it can help them reach much higher states of awareness and consciousness in their spiritual lives.

Many Ways to Meditate

Whatever the reason is that you want to meditate, there are a variety of different ways for you to do it. Even though silent mindful meditation is one of the more popular ways, including music with your meditation can be quite helpful.

Here are five of the top kinds of music that you can listen to while you are practicing your mindful meditation. Read to see how each one has its own benefits.

Ambient Noise

These are actually familiar sounds usually originating from nature and can be used as a wonderful backdrop for your mindful meditation. When you listen to the rain falling, waves crashing on the ocean shore, or hear birds singing are all very relaxing. Often people will simply meditate outside in order to enjoy the natural ambient noise.

Sometimes the choice of ambient noise can be the top choice for someone who doesn’t want to meditate in total silence but also doesn’t want to be distracted by listening to their favorite music. Besides, when you meditate with sounds from nature, it helps to connect you to the ancient beginnings of meditation. It also helps to fulfill our need to connect with nature.

Ambient Music

This is a good style of music that can help you to relax more during mindful meditation. This style of music is totally instrumental so there are no lyrics to get in the way. Lyrics can often trigger different thoughts and memories that can distract you from meditating. Also, this kind of music is lacking in any kind of beat and gives it a timeless quality that is quite similar to the state of mind you might be trying to achieve through meditation.

Some popular composers of ambient music include: J.S. Epperson, Christopher Lloyd Clarke, and Japetus.

World Music

Many of the ambient music pieces are produced just for meditation, there are some who find that world music has a far more authentic sounding appeal that suits mindful meditation quite well. This style of music actually comes from a variety of different culture from all over the world and for many people, it tends to be just as relaxing to them as the ambient style of music.

For music that will both inspire you and soothes you when meditating, you might want to try listening to music by people such as R. Carlos Nakai, a Native American flute player, Krishna Das, an Indian kirtan artist, or Omar Faruk Tekbilek, a Turkish musician.

Alternative and Indie Music

For some, this kind of music might make them cringe. This is especially true when it might include The National, Mumford and Sons, or Arcade Fire, but there is no rule in meditation that says you can’t listen to it while meditating. For some, it’s the ideal kind of music to listen to while meditating. For some people, their favorite Indie band can be the ideal backdrop for their mindful meditation.

Remember that mindful meditation is all about making sure you are present to what is happening inside of you and what’s going on around you. You are not really trying to reach a higher state of mind but simply trying to actually notice your feelings and thoughts more clearly along with all the noises that surround you in your environment.

So, if you find it easy to mindfully listen to your favorite songs by your favorite singers then there’s nothing wrong with including this music with your meditation. Who knows, you may learn to enjoy your favorite music even more than you already do.

Binaural Beats

This not as common as other types of music but for some people, binaural beats can take their mindful meditation to soaring heights. Binaural beats work through playing different kinds of auditory frequencies in both ears to create certain kinds of rhythms along with different states of consciousness in your brain. This means that headphones need to be part of this style of music.

There is music that you can listen to that actually have binaural beats embedded in it in order to help enhance your ability to relax and to enjoy the multiple benefits of mindful meditation.

The Bottom Line

In the end, the bottom line is to find what works for you. No matter what kind of sound or music it is, if it’s a style that helps you progress in your mindful meditation practice, then use it. As long as what you use helps you to focus better and to acknowledge you thoughts that might pop up without judging yourself for them, then use it as part of your meditation practice.



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