Easy to Do Mindfulness Exercises

mindful exercisesWhen it comes to mindfulness, there are a lot of different exercises and activities that can be done. For some people, some of these exercises might just not be things that they can do or feel comfortable doing. This is why we’ve come up with this list of easy to do mindfulness exercises that you might find easy to fit into your personal schedule.

Just remember, these exercises are not what mindfulness is all about, however, they are meant to help you experience things that will lead you to discover what mindfulness is. You can use these exercises any time you want and anywhere. Even though they are very simple, they can take some time to learn to use well. So, be patient when learning these simple mindfulness exercises.

Hand Awareness Exercise

Take and grasp your hands tight and then hold this position for five to ten seconds. Then release your hands and pay close attention to exactly how your hands feel once you release them. Try to stay focused on the feeling as long as you can.

Mental Focus

Find an object that you can stare at and then do your best to stay focused on only this object. Do this for as long as you can. Make sure to keep a mental note on when your mind tries to wander off. When it does gently bring your focus back to the object. The longer you are able to focus on the object the more your mindfulness skills will actually increase.

Tactile Mindfulness Exercise

With this one, you will want to pinch your arm, not really hard, but enough to get your attention. Then when you do this try to pay attention to just how the pinch feels and what your feelings are when you do this. Pay close attention to any pain that you might feel and how it might radiate out from the area you pinched. This is one of those exercises that can help you tune into how your body tends to deal with any discomfort and what emotions it might bring. For example, do you tend to get angry when you experience pain?

Musical Stimuli Mindful Exercise

Play one of your favorites songs and make sure to pay attention to how the song makes you feel inside. What kinds of emotions does it invoke? Are there memories that are associated with this song and how do they make you feel? Try to freely engage with these emotions and see where it takes you.

Sense of Smell Exercise

With this exercise find something that has a strong smell, like fresh ground coffee for example or your favorite perfume. While smelling the item you chose, try to pay attention to how your nose reacts and any feelings you might experience when you smell this item.

Mindful Melting Exercise

Sit down in your favorite chair and totally relax. While relaxing imagine that you melting into all that is around you. After doing this particular exercise you may end of feeling totally at one with everything that surrounds you.

Full Sensory Awareness Mindful Exercise

No matter where you might be, take time to stop what you are doing and look at everything that surrounds you. Try to be aware of everything that all of your senses experience. Notice how you are feeling. Take note if you feel over-stimulated or if you suddenly feel anxious. Whatever it is you feel, make a mental note of what you are feeling at that moment.

Mindful Silence Exercise

Spend about an hour of your time in total silence and simply absorb all of your environment. This is often a very difficult exercise for some people. If it’s difficult for you, you might try putting earplugs in so that you’re not distracted by outside influences.

Challenge Your Own Beliefs

This is another one of those exercises some people might find difficult to do. However, it’s one that can truly help you become more mindful. In this exercise, you should pick one of your beliefs that you’ve held onto for quite some time and then pretend that you believe just the opposite. When you do this try and note how you feel about going against your belief. Make a mental note of the thoughts that pop up when you do this exercise.

Mindful Movie Plot Exercise

This can be one of those really fun exercises. With this one, you pick a movie or TV show you want to watch and then while watching it take note of how you let yourself get involved in the plot line of the movie or TV show. Take mental notes of the different emotions that you experience while watching.

Undivided Attention Mindfulness Exercise

Pick something that you don’t usually do in your home, something maybe someone else usually does. While you do this task make sure to do it with your undivided and total attention. Take note of what it feels like to do this task.

Candle Staring Mindful Exercise

Light a candle and then sit down and stare at the flame for around ten minutes. While candle exercisesstaring at the candle and its flame. Study every little thing about the flame that you can. If your mind starts to wander try to be aware of where your mind is going and then gently bring your mind back to the flame of the candle.

We hope that you will find some or all of these simple mindfulness exercises helpful and that you’ll be willing to give them a try in order to help you with progressing in your mindfulness practice.



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