serenityMindfree is an organization that offers high-quality mindfulness courses to anyone interested in the London area. They believe in quality teaching and ensure that with their main teacher who has a five year MSc degree in Mindfulness and has 20 years of both practice and training in the subject.

Contact Information

Address – Neals Yard Remedies, 124B Road, London, SW3 4TR

Phone – 0207 112 5322

Website – https://www.mindfulnesscourses.co.uk/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Mindfullondon

Twitter – https://twitter.com/mindfullondon1

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0ZPkB05b6M4cSweeyP0F7g

About Their Teacher

The teacher for Mindfree is Christopher Gaia who hs a five-year Masters in Teaching. He specializes in Mindfulness Based classes and got his degree from Bangor University at the School of Psychology. His training was extremely in depth in mindfulness and he is well versed in both MBSR and MBCT. Christopher has also been involved in the clinical research of what the effects are of self-compassion and mindfulness.

Not only is Christopher trained in mindfulness he also is a registered Osteopath and has been practicing for 13 years, specializing in pain management, being aware of one’s body, and reducing stress.

Mindfree’s Beliefs

Mindfree believes that those who attend any of their MBSR or MBCT classes will receive lasting benefits such as the ones listed below:

  • Discover they have more energy and enthusiasm about life
  • Easier for them to obtain a greater capacity to relax and to sleep better
  • Develop a calmer, quieter, and a more focused mind
  • Have more self-confidence
  • More skills to be able to cope with and handle stressful situations better

Eight Week Courses Offered

Their eight-week courses are considered to be the “gold standard” of all mindfulness classes and they are hybrids between MBSR and MBCT. They consist of eight two-hour sessions over eight weeks in a row along with one all day session.

Morning classes are offered on Fridays and begin each Friday at 10:30 am and the cost for this eight-week course is £275. Concessions cost £200. The venue where these classes take place is at Chelsea Theatre, London, SW10 0DR.

Evening classes are offered on Wednesdays and begin each Wednesday at 7:15 pm and the cost of this eight-week course is £295. Concessions £215. The venue where these classes take place are at St. Luke’s Hall, Chelsea, SW3 3RP.

Taster Sessions

These classes are short introductions that last two hours. They are meant for those who have heard about mindfulness but they’re not quite sure if they want to sign up for a course or not. It’s an opportunity to meet the teacher of Mindfree and get a short intro to the principles of practicing mindfulness.

These Taster Sessions usually begin at 11:00 am and the cost is free. These sessions are held at St. Luke’s Hall, St. Luke’s Street in Chelsea.

One Day Courses

These one day courses are short yet intensive are great for the beginner who can’t find the time to get involved with the eight-week courses that are offered by Mindfree. This is a course that will provide these people with a good understanding of what mindfulness actually is and will give them a good start on their own path to training at their own pace. They are provided with all the materials they will need to be able to continue practicing mindfulness on their own and they also can get continued support from their teacher.

These courses will include talks on the following:

  • Definition of Mindfulness
  • >Short History of Mindfulness
  • Scientific Research of Mindfulness
  • Benefits and Problems

The cost of one-day courses are £85 and the fee includes seven hours of training, a course booklet and material downloads. Concessions fee is £55 only with the proof of income support, students, and low-income.

These courses are held at The Hut, Alpha Place in Chelsea. They offer both morning and evening courses. Mornings begin at 10:30 am and 5:00 pm.

Graduate Drop-Ins

These are classes that are short in length and offer mindfulness peaceopportunities for those who have gone through the eight-week courses and desire to get continued support of their mindfulness practice. It also gives them the opportunity to meet more people who are like minded as well as getting in touch with some of their other classmates from the course they finished. The classes are very informal and allow for a lot of chatting and catching up along with mindfulness practicing.

The cost for these two-hour sessions is £15. These sessions are held in the evenings are most often held at St. Luke’s Hall on St. Luke’s Street in Chelsea.

One on One Sessions

These sessions are available for both beginners and advanced practitioners. They can be held at Christopher Gaia’s clinic in Chelsea or can be held via Skype. These sessions are well suited for those with very busy schedules and can’t make the eight-week courses. They are also good for those who don’t feel comfortable working in a group setting.

Fees for Chelsea Clinic Sessions:

  • £75 for Ad hoc for one-hour sessions
  • £550 for MBSR or MBCT courses – 14 hours for eight one-hour sessions along with one six hour day group session

Fees for Skype Sessions:

  • £60 for Ad hoc for one-hour sessions
  • £430 for MBSR or MBCT courses – 14 hours for eight one-hour sessions along with one six hour day group session

These one to one sessions are available depending upon Christopher’s availability and are restricted to Wednesdays and Fridays. The Skype sessions are only available on a few weekday mornings.

Advantage of One on One Sessions

The key advantage to these type of sessions is that the person has a lot more control over the direction and the pace of them. Even though they usually go through the well tested eight-week structure it still allows the person to go through the different stages at their own pace.

Want to Learn More?

If you want to learn more about Mindfulness, Mindfree, and their teacher you can do so by visiting their blog that they have set up for anyone who is interested. You can read their blog by Clicking Here.


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